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Distillery Start-Up & brand development
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“Mark Shilling’s consult was a tremendous asset as we began to think about scaling and growing or company into a national brand, which we are now. His broad scope and deep understanding of the whole distilled spirit arena put us on some seriously solid footing. His insight was instrumental in designing overall market strategies to help drive volume and value. He also introduced us to Big Thirst Marketing which has done an incredible job with our public relations and digital media strategies for more than a year. It’s great to see them in a formal partnership and expanding services even more..”

Heather Greene, CEO & Master Blender, Milam & Greene Whiskies

Operations & Compliance

  • Gain insights with market research and competitive analysis
  • Get up and running with distillery operations design
  • Speed product development with spirits and RTD cocktail recipe creation
  • Pave a path to profitability with price strategy, and the right distribution agreements
  • Startup in style with naming and brand identity development
  • Save time with package and label design integrated with formula and COLA approvals
  • Get discovered with website development

Mark Shilling

Operations & Compliance: Advisory Board Member

Mark specializes in distillery start-up operations and project management. As the founder of Revolution Spirits Distilling Company in 2013, he quickly established the distillery as a popular stop along the Central Texas beer, wine, and spirits trail. He is a tireless advocate for the industry, helping establish the Texas Distilled Spirits Association in 2012, and serving as president of the American Craft Spirits Association. He uses his 20 years of experience as a lobbyist to navigate regulatory bodies and assist with compliance and government affairs.

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